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In the event of a problem you should contact the Learning Services Help desk on 01695 584286 (office hours 08:45 to 21:00, Monday to Friday and 11:00 to 18:00 at the weekend) or lsdesk@edgehill.ac.uk for any problems you are having with any of the services provided by GO. This includes Blackboard, Mail, Files etc.

Staff & Other users

Contact the IT Services Help desk on 01695 584424 (office hours 08:15 to 17:00).

System Requirements

GO should work with most computers but for the best experience we recommend the following:

  • A modern web browser: Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9 or Safari 3
  • JavaScript enabled: GO will work without JavaScript but will feel more responsive and some features require JavaScript.
  • Accept cookies: cookies are harmless files stored on your computer which help us identify you when you log in - our cookie sessions only last while the browser is kept open.